Sweet Ride or Going Around Town

Riding around town in a 2015 Aston Martin v8 Vantage gt isn’t what most people would do with such a top notch car. This type of vehicle is usually bought by very wealthy individuals as part of a collection. Most of these cars get very little mileage because no one wants to risk an accident nor do they want to devalue the vehicle by putting mileage on the odometer. I wanted to buy the car in order to use it. I own a small business that has become wildly profitable over the last five years and I want a status symbol.

The reason I’m going to use the car is because of my clients. The industry I work in has a lot of big income types and they appreciate knowing they are dealing with someone of their own class. The way you project the image is through clothing, cars, and luxury homes. It seems a bit shallow, but when you roll with the big boys you have to play the game. Driving an Aston Martin sends a definite signal that I’m a member of the in group and thus understand the lifestyle. It makes the clients feel better.

The problem was finding someone who was selling the vehicle. You won’t find this type of vehicle down at the local car dealership. No one sells this type of car to a dealer let alone trades it in for another vehicle. They sell them directly to potential buyers who they know have the necessary funds to buy such a vehicle. It helps if you have a connection to the buyer, which is what happened with me when I started looking. I found a guy who knew a guy who wanted to make room for a newer model. Lucky me I was able to get the car for less than he wanted!

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I Started to Play with Gemstones

I have been working on my new hobby, but it is not really something that is completely out of the family knowledge so to speak. My grandfather was a jeweler and when I was a young boy he used to show me how to do the work. He is in a retirement home now, and not in the best shape to be honest. At any rate we all went to clean up his house and get it ready for the sale. We found his tools and some stones which turned out to be tourmaline gemstones. I asked if any of the others wanted them, but no one even knew what they were. I told them what they were and showed them how to set a stone in a pendant. I realized that my grandfather had been doing this for money on the side. There was a ledger there and it was obvious that he was taking meticulous notes about the money that was spent and the money that he received, selling them at a flea market. In the trunk of his car we found a display.

It was pretty obvious that the display was worth a good deal of money, there were dozens of pieces of jewelry and grandpa was doing custom work. It was not something that I could replicate myself, but I started to work at it and I got better at it really quickly. The thing I wonder about is how durable it is going to be. For example if you make a ring, then that ring is going to be in the sink every time the person wearing it decides to wash their hands. It is going to be involved in thousands of small things that it has to be able to withstand. I do not know if my work would last.

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Right into Spring with a Broken System

I prefer the winter to spring and summer because I love the snow and cold temperatures. If things get really cold, all I have to do is turn on the heater. Sadly, winter is over and now spring is here, and I hate it. The bugs are back and they’re just as annoying, buzzing near my ears and trying to build their nests near my home. What’s even worse is that my air conditioner stopped working right as spring hit. The heater had been running just fine, but I had to find someone to perform AC repair in NYC, or risk sweating to death from the heat.

I’ve had my HVAC system for a long time, and it’s getting to the point where I’ll eventually have to replace it. These things don’t last forever, which is always a pain. With all of the technological advancements that have been made since the introduction of the first heating and air system, humanity still hasn’t figured out how to make a system that doesn’t break. At the very least, we should be able to make a system that lasts longer than 10 to 13 years. Something along the lines of 25 years would at least be more acceptable.

A few parts swapped out here and there and my air conditioner was up and running again. It should last through the entirety of spring and summer. I hate to leave the air conditioner running all day in the summer because it drives up the cost of my energy bill, but on some days the heat is just so bad that I don’t really have much of a choice. I think it may be burning out my air conditioner faster than normal. More than likely I’ll have to get the system repaired again when summer comes next year.

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A Nice Place to Call Home

I had never even been to Texas before when I was given an incredible work opportunity in Fort Worth. I had no idea if I would even like the area, the weather, the people there, and everything else since I was born and raised nearly 1,200 miles away. It took me several days of thinking, and I finally realized that this offer was just too good to be passed up. I started looking at apartments in North Fort Worth before I went there, because I wanted to know where I could potentially live before arriving there. That way, I would have time to go look at in person, since that is always the best way to get the most accurate impression.

I looked at quite a few different apartment complexes because Fort Worth is pretty huge. I wanted to live at least within 15 minutes of where I would be working, and that still left me with dozens of apartment complexes to look at. As soon as I saw Bella Vista though, I knew that it was the one I wanted. It is only about eight minutes from where I now work, and the apartments are gorgeous there.

That is not the only thing it has going for it though. I really liked everything about it, from the grounds and the way everything is set up to the apartment layout and amenities, both individually and community oriented. I called to see if they had the two bedroom available with the sunroom, and they had two left. I was planning on going down in two weeks to sign papers anyway, so I just moved that up by a week so I would not lose out on one of those two apartments. I am settled in here now, and Texas is much better than I could have ever imagined. The weather is glorious, the job is fantastic, the people are amazing, and I have a great place to live.

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Found a Place Closer to Work

I have been working at the airport for a few months now and it was not very convenient for me really. I was commuting all of the way from the opposite side of the St. Louis metro area. So I have been looking for a better place to stay while I was waiting for my lease to expire. In fact I started to lighten my burden as well, selling off some of the stuff I did not want to move. I settled on a place called the Crossing at North Pointe apartments in Florissant MO. They had pretty much what I wanted, especially a location where I could get to work in a very short time. It takes well under ten minutes and if the lights do not catch me I can get to there in about five minutes. Of course there is usually going to be traffic at the airport, so there is pretty much not anything to be done about that.

The thing I really like is that it has a fitness center, because I have been trying to get rid of a few pounds and this makes it a lot easier for me. Obviously if you have ever lived in an apartment then you know that you do not have the space for a treadmill or anything like that. The floor space is really precious and the only way to change that is to pay for an extra room, but that is hardly practical. It would raise the rent by a couple of hundred dollars a month and I am not going to pay for a room for a treadmill. It makes a lot more sense just to find a place where they have a clubhouse with an exercise room. Of course when the weather is good I just jog around the parking lots.

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How We Afford a Winter Vacation Home Where It is Warm

We live most of the year where the summers are short and the winters gets cold. A lot of older folks we know either buy RVs to venture south in the winter, or they keep an expensive condo. They make the mistake of choosing a warm climate in a tourist area. Instead, we looked for apartments in North Austin to keep a place year round to retreat to. We found a place within our budget, and we rent a fully furnished apartment that we visit when we need to get away.

It can be for a week or two in the winter, or during a summer vacation. My work is seasonal, and that means there is usually a two or three month layoff each year. My wife can telecommute up to a month without having to go into her office. Sometimes the boss will let her skip a monthly meeting and go two months without making an appearance. This works out great for us getting away in the winter to Texas when it is freezing back home. If it wasn’t for our jobs and the benefits we get, we would probably just move to the Austin area. This is the next best thing.

Our place at the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments is nice. We can make our rental payments online, and that is convenient when we are not there. There is a fitness center and a swimming pool, and the place is pet friendly. We have to bring our dog with us wherever we go. She is family. I like the vaulted ceilings and the private patio we have. It is an affordable vacation and winter home away from the touristy warmer climates. We save money and enjoy the area very much. There are alternatives to having a vacation spot or place to retreat to in the winter if you are savvy about it.

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Keeping Urban Areas from Decline by Investing in New Building Projects

My wife and I saved and invested for years to be able to finally build on a piece of land we bought more than 20 years ago. The old apartment building was aging, and we notified residents of our plan to keep it maintained but not do renovations. We advised everyone we would give rent reductions for the next several years, but for everyone to save and plan on moving out in seven years. After that, the building was demolished. We had been planning our building for some time, and I found myself participating in a RAM elements tutorial to understand the software the architect was using to design our new office building project.

Ours was the first building project in the city were the former owners and tenants did not put up any opposition to the new building. Of course though, we were the first landlords to help people plan far in advance for their move. Most took advantage of saving their rent reductions to be able to move. Only a couple of tenants actually made a last minute move before the building was torn down. We even offered the rent reductions in the form of a payout for early moving. If you left a year early, you got the money. We made it as easy as possible for people to relocate.

The new building was part of an overall redevelopment project for the area. The real estate was perfect for holding an office building with its own underground parking garage facility. It was the first building in the town to have a parking garage built as part of the structure. Now the whole area is under construction bringing in new businesses. We have a lot of retail shops, lawyer, doctor and dentist’s offices and more. A law firm leases the entire top floor of our building.

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Using Other Deduction Boxes on Pay Stubs for Employees

I have two employees and it is not that hard figuring out withholding for taxes. There are tax tables you can use for the federal, state and even local taxes. Plus, there are tables to use for the unemployment insurance deductions. I use a service that lets me make pay stubs online. It keeps a running tally of all the deductions for the year-to-date info my employees need. Plus, the stub maker makes professional stubs they can use for getting loans and other things.

Speaking of loans, I advanced one of my employees several hundred dollars to cover an expense she had that was unforeseen. I told her that she could pay it back a little at a time. I found that the service I use that makes pay stubs online makes it easy to use one of the other payroll deduction boxes to keep track of the loan repayment. She said she could afford to pay back the loan at $20 per pay period. I had no problem with that. I just put the amount each pay period in the box on the stub, and it was easy to keep track of the repayment. She had a record she could refer to for the extra that was being held back from her paycheck.

I trust my employees, but I document everything. It protects them and me. I am one of those people who likes to have everything accounted for down to the penny. I am not happy if my bank account is off by even one cent. I have to find the mistake and fix it. I think that attention to detail is necessary in business, especially when you are dealing with money that goes to your employees. My online paystub maker I use also keeps the data safe on their servers so it is always available.

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Everyone Can Learn Some Very Important Answers by Doing What I Do

When people say that “It’s in the cards,” I always think they mean psychic reading tarot cards because the answers have always been there for me when it comes to tarot. I do not know if that’s where that phrase originated from, but it has always been true for me when it comes to the psychic world. Prior to knowing anything about it, I felt like a nervous wreck all the time. I was confused about the people around me. I felt that way with coworkers, friends, family, etc. That is because I really couldn’t understand them, but now I do.

My mom was the one who told me that I needed to accept that I don’t know everything and never will. This conversation came about when I told her that I was fearful often because I could not understand the motivation behind so many things that people do. This was even more true when it comes to some of the unkind thngs people do to one another. Mom made me feel like the world was hopeless that day, though. She didn’t mean to, but she made me believe that I would never find the answers I would need to see if I was putting my trust in the right people or wrong people. I felt that I would just have to go on meeting person after person and putting all my faith in them until I would learn whether they were good or bad people.

Getting my tarot cards changed that for me. Getting through life is not hopeless at all, and the people who know how to give readings can see what I cannot understand on my own. It saves me a lot of time and heartache. I can just pick up the phone and answer a psychic reader about the things that I wonder about people I meet, and they can tell me what is a must when it comes to trusting or not.

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We Did the Smart Thing by Having a Wedding Just for Us

When I reached my 40s, I wondered if I would ever get married. I had no idea that I would be in the positon of being an older bride. It used to confuse me because I never had any trouble finding dates, and I had even had three different, long-term boyfriends. Finally, when I reached the age of 47, my then-boyfriend proposed to me. I was elated. We decided on a destination wedding in Edmonton and everything about it was just perfect. It fit out needs very well, and we tell everyone we know that they might like to do the same when they get married, too. It was much easier than having to deal with a big fancy wedding with hundreds of people. It was nicely affordable as well, and we didn’t have to spend $10,000 or more to make a lot guests happy.

Both my husband and I are pretty frugral with our money. I wouldn’t say that we are cheapsakes because we do like to have some fun in life and money is needed for that. We simply make sure that we don’t blow money on things that are not absolutely necessary. The nice thing about that is that we already have a very large retirement fund for the two of us and we even had a large amount of money to put toward the downpayment of our home. We have noticed that many people we know are struggling to do these things, despite the fact that they are in their forties. We don’t have the same stress that they have because we are careful with what we spend on.

I told my hsuband early on that I did not want to spend excess money on a wedding that we woudl barely remember 10 years after the fact. My sister had spent thousands on her own wedding day, and she says now that the night was a blur and she wishes she would have just done something far more simple like having a destination wedding.

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