Found a Place Closer to Work

I have been working at the airport for a few months now and it was not very convenient for me really. I was commuting all of the way from the opposite side of the St. Louis metro area. So I have been looking for a better place to stay while I was waiting for my lease to expire. In fact I started to lighten my burden as well, selling off some of the stuff I did not want to move. I settled on a place called the Crossing at North Pointe apartments in Florissant MO. They had pretty much what I wanted, especially a location where I could get to work in a very short time. It takes well under ten minutes and if the lights do not catch me I can get to there in about five minutes. Of course there is usually going to be traffic at the airport, so there is pretty much not anything to be done about that.

The thing I really like is that it has a fitness center, because I have been trying to get rid of a few pounds and this makes it a lot easier for me. Obviously if you have ever lived in an apartment then you know that you do not have the space for a treadmill or anything like that. The floor space is really precious and the only way to change that is to pay for an extra room, but that is hardly practical. It would raise the rent by a couple of hundred dollars a month and I am not going to pay for a room for a treadmill. It makes a lot more sense just to find a place where they have a clubhouse with an exercise room. Of course when the weather is good I just jog around the parking lots.

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