How We Afford a Winter Vacation Home Where It is Warm

We live most of the year where the summers are short and the winters gets cold. A lot of older folks we know either buy RVs to venture south in the winter, or they keep an expensive condo. They make the mistake of choosing a warm climate in a tourist area. Instead, we looked for apartments in North Austin to keep a place year round to retreat to. We found a place within our budget, and we rent a fully furnished apartment that we visit when we need to get away.

It can be for a week or two in the winter, or during a summer vacation. My work is seasonal, and that means there is usually a two or three month layoff each year. My wife can telecommute up to a month without having to go into her office. Sometimes the boss will let her skip a monthly meeting and go two months without making an appearance. This works out great for us getting away in the winter to Texas when it is freezing back home. If it wasn’t for our jobs and the benefits we get, we would probably just move to the Austin area. This is the next best thing.

Our place at the Falls on Bull Creek Apartments is nice. We can make our rental payments online, and that is convenient when we are not there. There is a fitness center and a swimming pool, and the place is pet friendly. We have to bring our dog with us wherever we go. She is family. I like the vaulted ceilings and the private patio we have. It is an affordable vacation and winter home away from the touristy warmer climates. We save money and enjoy the area very much. There are alternatives to having a vacation spot or place to retreat to in the winter if you are savvy about it.

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