I Started to Play with Gemstones

I have been working on my new hobby, but it is not really something that is completely out of the family knowledge so to speak. My grandfather was a jeweler and when I was a young boy he used to show me how to do the work. He is in a retirement home now, and not in the best shape to be honest. At any rate we all went to clean up his house and get it ready for the sale. We found his tools and some stones which turned out to be tourmaline gemstones. I asked if any of the others wanted them, but no one even knew what they were. I told them what they were and showed them how to set a stone in a pendant. I realized that my grandfather had been doing this for money on the side. There was a ledger there and it was obvious that he was taking meticulous notes about the money that was spent and the money that he received, selling them at a flea market. In the trunk of his car we found a display.

It was pretty obvious that the display was worth a good deal of money, there were dozens of pieces of jewelry and grandpa was doing custom work. It was not something that I could replicate myself, but I started to work at it and I got better at it really quickly. The thing I wonder about is how durable it is going to be. For example if you make a ring, then that ring is going to be in the sink every time the person wearing it decides to wash their hands. It is going to be involved in thousands of small things that it has to be able to withstand. I do not know if my work would last.

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