The Journey from Oxy to Heroin to Methadone to No Drugs at All

My sister injured her back in a serous fall. It took her months to heal from the break and the surgeries. She went through intense physical rehabilitation, and she got hooked on oxy during her recovery. After her doctors would no longer write her prescriptions for the painkillers, she started to buy them on the street. When her money got tight, she switched to heroin because a “friend” showed her how much cheaper it was. She could do heroin for about a tenth of the cost of oxy. Well, now she is undergoing methadone detox in Florida. Let me tell you how she got to this point.

She was worried about being able to keep a job and provide care for her children. Her husband tried and tried to support her through all the times she tried to get off the drugs. He knew she still was in pain, but it was the drugs that were the real problem. She said she could take the back discomfort now that it was a growl instead of a roar. She got on methadone to get off of heroin. Her doctors were upfront in telling her that she might be on it for years. She went once a day to a methodone clinic to get it. The drug lasts about 36 hours in the body and does not make a person high like heroin does. She was able to return to work and doing her part to care for her family. Her husband has stuck with her through all of this.

She wanted to get off of the methadone, and she could not do it on her own. She went into a rehab facility to help with methadone detox in Florida. Their approach was to wean a person off of it instead of doing the cold turkey approach. We knew that the pain was going to be bad because methadone also works to treat pain. After her detox, she was able to manage pain flareups with rehab exercises to maintain her strength and range of motion. The drugs that are supposed to help relieve pain can end up causing a lot of it in some people.

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