Using Other Deduction Boxes on Pay Stubs for Employees

I have two employees and it is not that hard figuring out withholding for taxes. There are tax tables you can use for the federal, state and even local taxes. Plus, there are tables to use for the unemployment insurance deductions. I use a service that lets me make pay stubs online. It keeps a running tally of all the deductions for the year-to-date info my employees need. Plus, the stub maker makes professional stubs they can use for getting loans and other things.

Speaking of loans, I advanced one of my employees several hundred dollars to cover an expense she had that was unforeseen. I told her that she could pay it back a little at a time. I found that the service I use that makes pay stubs online makes it easy to use one of the other payroll deduction boxes to keep track of the loan repayment. She said she could afford to pay back the loan at $20 per pay period. I had no problem with that. I just put the amount each pay period in the box on the stub, and it was easy to keep track of the repayment. She had a record she could refer to for the extra that was being held back from her paycheck.

I trust my employees, but I document everything. It protects them and me. I am one of those people who likes to have everything accounted for down to the penny. I am not happy if my bank account is off by even one cent. I have to find the mistake and fix it. I think that attention to detail is necessary in business, especially when you are dealing with money that goes to your employees. My online paystub maker I use also keeps the data safe on their servers so it is always available.

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