We Did the Smart Thing by Having a Wedding Just for Us

When I reached my 40s, I wondered if I would ever get married. I had no idea that I would be in the positon of being an older bride. It used to confuse me because I never had any trouble finding dates, and I had even had three different, long-term boyfriends. Finally, when I reached the age of 47, my then-boyfriend proposed to me. I was elated. We decided on a destination wedding in Edmonton and everything about it was just perfect. It fit out needs very well, and we tell everyone we know that they might like to do the same when they get married, too. It was much easier than having to deal with a big fancy wedding with hundreds of people. It was nicely affordable as well, and we didn’t have to spend $10,000 or more to make a lot guests happy.

Both my husband and I are pretty frugral with our money. I wouldn’t say that we are cheapsakes because we do like to have some fun in life and money is needed for that. We simply make sure that we don’t blow money on things that are not absolutely necessary. The nice thing about that is that we already have a very large retirement fund for the two of us and we even had a large amount of money to put toward the downpayment of our home. We have noticed that many people we know are struggling to do these things, despite the fact that they are in their forties. We don’t have the same stress that they have because we are careful with what we spend on.

I told my hsuband early on that I did not want to spend excess money on a wedding that we woudl barely remember 10 years after the fact. My sister had spent thousands on her own wedding day, and she says now that the night was a blur and she wishes she would have just done something far more simple like having a destination wedding.

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